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Manal Zeinhom Ahmed Higazee is currently working as a Professor of Nursing Management at the Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt. She is interested in the research area of nursing leadership and management. She is an Editorial Board Member and Reviewer in several international journals and also a Member at Zeta Iota chapter of Sigma Theta Tau.


Introduction & Objective: Effective occupational stress management approaches such as self-regulation, problem solving capabilities, take responsibilities and time management are essential to develop healthy work environment and decrease stress among nurses. The objective of the study is to investigate impact of time management educational intervention on reducing occupational stress level among acute care nurses.
Method: Quasi-experimental one group pre-posttest design was used. Convenient samples of 41 nurses were recruited from acute care units in one of the Governmental University's Hospital of the Egyptian Delta. The Expanded Nursing Stress Scale (ENSS) was implemented to assess nurses' stress level. The following adopted scoring system to calculate the stress level among study sample: mild stress level (0-36), moderate (37-72), severe (73-108) and severe stress level (109-144).
Results: Nurses had very severe (123.5) levels of stress, higher mean score of stress level was for younger and less experienced nurses. Inadequate emotional preparation, workload, and uncertainty about treatment were the predictors of stress among nurses. A negative correlation between use of time management strategies and reduction of acute care nurses' level of stress was found (53.6, 59.8) respectively.
Conclusion: Time management self-learning modules helped in decreasing stress level among nurses from very sever to moderate level. Roles explanation might decrease stress resulting from dealing with physicians. Specific orientation programs for novice nurses might decrease uncertainty regarding treatments and provide adequate emotional preparation. Utilization of proper staffing, scheduling and methods of organizing patients' care by nurse managers create healthy work environment and reduce workload.

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Manal M Ibrahim has completed her PhD from Cairo University and Post-doctoral from Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing. She is currently working as the Head of Nursing Administration Department, Menoufia University, Egypt. She has published more than 25 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of repute.


Supervised clinical practice plays a significant role in professional nursing studies. It guarantees the high quality of nursing education reinforces the professionalism of graduating students and promotes the appeal of the nursing profession. Clinical supervision is a process by which clinicians are assisted to improve practice and deal productively with the stresses inherent in a caring role. The current study was conducted in order to improve unit managers` clinical supervision skills after receiving clinical supervision program. Quasi-experimental study, involved 32 nurse unit managers and 134 staff nurses working at Menoufia Hospitals. Tool-I: Clinical Supervision Questionnaire and Tool-II: Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale. The highest percentage of staff nurses described work overload as the main obstacle to clinical supervision. There was no clinical supervision session applied by nurse unit managers to subordinates before the program implementation. Highest percentage of nurse unit managers conduct clinical supervision sessions with their staff nurses inside their units, with frequency of 1-3 sessions/month immediately post program and one session/month in the follow up. Highest percentage of staff nurse described the level of supervisor responsibility as good in the pretest and follow-up. However in posttest, majority of staff nurses described level of supervisor responsibility as excellent. The level of effectiveness of clinical supervision was improved after receiving the designed clinical supervision program immediately and decline in the follow up. Clinical supervision should be included in the hospital policy and educational courses.

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Jessie Johnson is RN, PhD and her research expertise involves looking at inter-professional teamwork and care and management of persons with chronic disease and inter-professional teamwork and the care and maintenance of palliative persons.


Educating a health workforce that can safely handle and provide reliable information is essential to immunization coverage rates for protecting a population from vaccine-avoidable diseases. Although Qatar's immunization compliance rate for many vaccines is above 90%. Literature has showed that nurses were found to have varying degrees of education on vaccinations. To date no formal research in Qatar has explored the Knowledge Attitudes and Practices (KAP) of Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) nurses before and after structured immunization education. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to gain insight and provide baseline data for future educational needs for PHCC nursing workforce to deliver quality immunization information for patients living in Qatar. Mixed methods were used to asses (KAP) regarding nurses working in vaccination clinics within the primary care setting. A ‘vaccination training course’ was developed and delivered for these nurses working in immunization/vaccination clinics. Pre and post-surveys were conducted on all participants to glean their KAP before and after content delivery. After hands on experience in the clinical setting the researcher set out to glean KAP by conducting face to face interviews on a random sample of participants using interpretive description. The research demonstrated that a comprehensive training program geared towards nurses was needed to be successful in educating and administering vaccines to children and adults.

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Mingxia Li has completed her under-graduation degree from Sichuan University, China.


Objective: To explore the intervention effect of Meaning Centered Group Psychotherapy (MCGP) on patients with lung cancer.

Method: A randomized controlled study was conducted. 240 patients who were admitted to the Department of Thoracic Oncology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University were randomly divided into two groups (n=160) and control group (n=80) by computer in a 2:1 ratio. The experimental group was given a group psychological intervention focusing on meaning once a week, about 90 minutes each time, 8 times in total. The control group received regular health education. Adopted by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire-Core 30 (EORTC QLQ C30), perception of life scale (MLQ), Self-rating Anxiety Scale (SAS) and Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS) to all participants at baseline and after the intervention, compare the difference between patients with lung cancer before and after the intervention anxiety depression status and meaning of life, physical function, social function, changes of physiological indexes and compared with general health education group of patients.

Results: The final effective data were 136 people in the experimental group and 27 people in the control group, a total of 212 people. After the intervention, there were statistically significant differences in anxiety and depression between the significance-centered group psychotherapy group and the general health education group (P<0.001). There were statistically significant differences in the total score of sense of life significance, sense of having significance and sense of seeking significance (P<0.001). There was no significant difference in body function, dyspnea, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite, economic difficulties, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. There were statistically significant differences in role function, social function, emotional function, sleep disorders, and pain (P<0.001), but no statistically significant differences in the overall quality of life of patients with lung cancer.

Conclusion: This study shows that MCGP can improve lung cancer patients with anxiety, depression, helping lung cancer patients seek and have sense of life. Quality of life in patients with lung cancer in the improvement of the psychological and social dimensions and some physiological indexes has a significant effect, but for the majority of physiological indexes (such as: breathing difficulties, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, etc.) the effect is not obvious.

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Lijuan Xuan is currently pursuing her Masters in Nursing at West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University, China.


Introduction & Objective: Heart Failure (HF) is the end stage of many cardiovascular diseases, which incurs a high prevalence, mortality and morbidity. An increasing number of studies showed that about 30% of the HF patients were readmitted within 30 days after discharge due to the clinical exacerbation. Recurrent hospitalizations not only worsen the heart function, but also increase the healthcare costs. Researchers have reported that high level of readiness for hospital discharge can lower the readmission rate. In addition, Quality of Discharge Teaching (QDT) has emerged as a momentous factor influencing the Readiness for Hospital Discharge (RHD). However, there is little research on the status of RHD and its association with the QDT in HF patients. The objective of this study is to assess readiness for discharge and explore its correlation with the QDT in HF patients.

Method: This is a cross-sectional study and convenience samples of 160 patients were selected according to the inclusion criterions.

Results: There were 88.8% (n=142) patients who were ready for discharge. The average scores of the readiness of discharge and the QDT were respectively (7.47±1.16) and (7.32±1.36). The scores of the RHD sub-scales from high to low were expected support (7.80±1.51), personal status (7.54±1.47), coping ability (7.48±1.66) and knowledge (7.27±1.57). There was positive correlation between the readiness of discharge and QDT in HF patients (r=0.457, p<0.01).

Conclusion: The RHD in HF patients presented in a medium level. There was positive correlation between readiness of discharge and QDT. Important consideration should be given to patient education and the training on discharge teaching skills also recommended for medical staff.

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I am a graduate student in West China School of medicine, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China. My main research direction is nursing management and nursing education.


Objective: To explore the application effects of a web-based simulation in fundamental nursing course and innovate nursing teaching method.

Method: All students of grade 2017 majoring in nursing were selected through cluster sampling, with class-1 as the experimental group and class-2 as the control group. The simulation practice time of the two groups was 2 class hours, among which the control group received 2 class hours of traditional teaching practice using simulation model and the experimental group received 1 class hour of web-based simulation practice and 1 class hour of traditional teaching practice using simulation model. All participants were asked to complete two questionnaires and a test of operation of intramuscular injection after class, two questionnaires including the Chinese version of the Jeffries Simulation Design Scale and student behavior self-evaluation scale of nursing simulation teaching to measure the teaching design and their behavior.

Results: Simulation teaching design and students' self-evaluation scores show that students' scores in the control group are significantly higher than those in the experimental group (P<0.01). There was no significant difference in the performance of intramuscular injection between the two groups (P>0.05).

Conclusion: The application of the web-based simulation in operation practice class shortens the time for students to use simulation model for practicing and reduces the opportunity of students to operate, so the score of teaching design and self-evaluation is not high. However,as a transition tool of theoretical knowledge and simulation model practice, web-based simulation practice can be applied after class without limitation of time and space, enabling nursing students to get familiar with the operation process.

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Xiaojuan Wang, a PhD candidate in Zhejiang University, has published 3 papers in reputed journals during her master’s degree.

Xuefen Xu, a postgraduate in Zhejiang University, has published 3 papers in reputed journals during her master’s degree.

Hongyan Wang has got her master degree from Zhejiang University. She has published 4 papers in reputed journals.

Suwen Feng, the corresponding author, is the director in nursing of a tertiary maternity hospital and the vice-chairwoman of gynecological nursing committee in China. She has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and has been an editorial board member of several reputed magazines.


Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is common and is strongly related to pregnancy and childbirth. Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) is recommended as the first line conservative treatment for SUI. However, there is no consensus on how PFMT should be best performed. The study aims to evaluate the effects of mobile app-based PFMT for primigravid women with SUI in comparison to conventional PFMT. Participants were recruited in the obstetric clinic of a tertiary maternity hospital in Hangzhou, a provincial capital in eastern China, from January to April 2018. Participants were randomly assigned to intervention group (n=54) receiving mobile app-based PFMT with a systematic audio guidance or control group (n=54) receiving conventional PFMT and 98 participants completed the follow-up study. SUI symptoms, sexual function and adherence to PFMT were assessed using standardized questionnaires and pelvic floor training diary and pelvic floor muscle strength was measured by pelvic floor electromyography from baseline to 6 months after delivery. Bladder neck mobility was evaluated by perineal ultrasound at 6 to 8 weeks. App group reported significant reduction in SUI symptom score and improvement in pelvic floor electromyography (p<0.001) and better sexual function (22.2 vs. 17.3, p<0.05) compared with control group at 6 months. Ultrasound showed significant difference in bladder neck mobility between app group and control group (16.3 vs. 19.5, P<0.05). Besides, app group showed better adherence with higher training intensity and higher self-efficacy. The mobile app-based PFMT is a more effective treatment alternative with better adherence.

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Zheng Yingying has completed her Bachelor of Nursing from Xiamen University. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree at Zhejiang University School of Medicine. Her current research is on Gynecologic Oncology Nursing and has published two articles.


Objective: To investigate the understanding of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine among college fresh students in Zhejiang Province and to provide bases for establishing a corresponding health education mode for college students and promoting HPV vaccination.

Method: A cross-sectional survey was conducted by using a convenient sampling method. A self-filling structured questionnaire online was used to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and behavior to HPV vaccine among college fresh students from three universities in Zhejiang, China in October 2018.

Results: One thousand one hundred and twenty four students were enrolled while 1116 questionnaires were completed. Only 32.2% had known about HPV and 42.7% had known about HPV vaccine in the all respondents. About 81.9% of respondents reported being willing to take the HPV vaccine but only 3.9% of respondents have been vaccinated. The vaccination status of urban students is significantly better than that of rural students (P=0.027). Parents, gender and area positively correlated with the willing to take HPV vaccine.

Conclusion: College students' knowledge of HPV vaccination need to be properly and effectively guided improved. Governments, schools and relevant ministries should take targeted measures to increase college students’ awareness of HPV and HPV vaccines.

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Wang Yalei is a Post graduate student in West china Hospital at Sichuan University, China


During the “13th Five-Year” plan period, relying on the rapid development of big data, cloud computing and other information technologies, the nursing management mode is also constantly changing. Nursing performance evaluation, as an important part of nursing management, plays an active role in improving nursing staff's happiness and work enthusiasm, improving nursing quality and making nursing management system better. With the guidance of the National Nursing Career Development Plan (2016-2020), this study mainly summarizes the current situation of performance evaluation of nursing personnel in China from the perspective of information platform construction, mobile medical device use, etc. We aim to provide reference for further relevant researches and make contributions to the progress of nursing care management revolution.